Not a "money person"?

Uncertain about where all your money goes?

Money arguments causing conflict?

Feeling lost with your personal goals?

Just want to talk about personal finance?

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Meet Jen...

Jen Bevel

Financial therapist and educator

I've been working in higher education since 2004. My greatest strength as an educator is my ability to listen and empathize. Don't expect long lectures.

I earned a master's degree in personal financial planning from Kansas State University with a focus on financial therapy.

I am an educator at heart and I want to help others achieve goals, organize finances, and increase confidence. 

While I have taken courses in insurance, investing, and personal income tax, this knowledge is for general education, not instruction or recommendation. 

I do not sell investing or insurance products. 

Why financial therapy?

Why Vision Financial Solutions?

Create a peaceful space to focus on finances and set personal goals.