What is financial therapy?

I've compiled a reference page with more information and links about financial therapy. 

This page will be especially helpful if you are a...

- Mental health professional

- Financial Advisor

- Curious learner

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What is financial therapy?

June 2018 (Jen)

What to expect - and what NOT to expect - from a financial therapy session with Vision Financial Solutions.

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Intro to Vision Financial Solutions

June 2018 (Jen)

An explanation of how Vision Financial Solutions can help you use your own strengths to set and achieve your financial goals.

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Do you work in the financial investment industry?

Are you a counselor providing psychotherapy?

Referring or collaborating with a financial therapist like Vision Financial Solutions can help your clients deal with the finances/behaviors/emotions that may be out of the scope of your practice or comfort level.

 Financial advisor <----------------- FINANCIAL THERAPIST -----------------> Psychotherapy/counseling