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Learn more with a free 15-minute consultation. This brief introduction can take place through online video session, phone call, or in person at my Edwardsville, IL office. 

There is no pressure to commit - this is an informal discussion about your needs, not a sales pitch.

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Money Month Challenge

Make your goals a priority this month


See details below.


Solution mem​bership

After your month-long challenge, continue the momentum with a 3-month membership.

$40 billed/month - $120 total

See details below.


Single session

Schedule a single session 

$45/half hour & $75/hour

Discount for members ($20/half hour)


Money Month Challenge

What: A customized month-long program to get started on your financial goals. 

How: Online chat via Zoom video sessions, phone call, or in my Edwardsville, IL office.

Cost: $150 (half at beginning / half at end)

Program Highlights:

- Introductory session to set goals and discuss process (about 60 minutes).

- Binder to set goals, create your vision, track spending, and get organized.

- Online support and weekly check-ins.

- Midpoint session to discuss progress (15-30 minutes).

- Final session to reflect on progress and plan for future (about 60 minutes).

Solution Membership

What: Continued accountability for the 3+ months after the challenge

How: One 30-minute meeting monthly, online support, and discounts

Cost: $40/month auto pay ($120 for 3-month commitment)

Individual sessions

Standard rates are $45 for 30-minute session and $75 for one-hour session. 

Membership rates - $20 for 30-minute session

Free workshops - I can bring the lessons to your group or organization

Outreach opportunities

I can create a workshop or presentation anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on your needs. We can cover general personal finance topics (budgeting, goal-setting, etc) or get more in-depth as your organization requests. I can also set up a time block for individual sessions. Send me a message to learn more.

Financial Wellness (For BUSINESSES): Schedule an informational meeting to discuss developing a financial wellness program for your employees. Read this Forbes article for more information this new trend in fringe benefits. 

My vision of empowerment:

As part of my mission to help anyone regardless of financial situation...

  • Reduced fees available depending on your financial situation. 
  • Ask me about organizing volunteer sessions for your non-profit group. 
  • Scholarships for free sessions to be set as I grow this outreach.

Let me know if you have an suggestion for how I can help - [email protected]