Education. Coaching. Therapy

I work with individuals, couples, and families to sort through a variety of money-related concerns and goals. 

I offer accountability, educational lessons, and workshops to help you meet your financial goals.

Meet with me:

Introductory meeting

Get organized and prioritize spending. 

It's a conversation about how best to align your income and expenses with your goals and dreams. You steer the discussion and I provide the education and coaching.

We can meet over the phone, online, or at The Lodge in Edwardsville, IL. This is an informal 30-minute session.

Check back for more information on new updates/changes.

My vision of empowerment:

  • Focus on personal financial education, from budgeting to investing
  • Create a friendly space to talk about anything related to money
  • Listen to money stories and offer encouragement and accountability
Ask me about organizing volunteer sessions for your non-profit group or community

Let me know if you have an suggestion for how I can help - [email protected]